Home Care for Senior and Elderly in Westwood


It is spring time, and spring cleaning is in many peoples to do lists.  Here are a few things that you would want to throw away immediately because they can be dangerous to your health according to the AARP.  For those plastic containers that have a recycle code of 3 or 7, they contain BPA and leeches into food if it is heated in a microwave.  Replace those with new plastic that is BPA free or use glass containers.  Seniors and Elderly folks might have extra medications from their previous health conditions,  if it is either unused or expired, throw away the old drugs by taking them to official collection sites so the drugs don’t harm the environment.  Lastly, makeup that became moldy is definitely a no no.  Bacteria may cause infections, and it is especially true for eye makeups.  Mascara and lip gloss both have only few months of shelf lives.  So before you have begin cleaning up the house, make notes on these few potentially dangerous items to throw away.

In Home Caregivers from A-1 Home Care in Westwood have the skills and experience in housecleaning, medication administration, meal preparation, grocery shopping, and help with other errands.  Whether your mom or dad need is Alzheimer Care, Parkinson Care, Arthritis Care, Cancer Care, Diabetic Care, After Surgery Care, Incontinence Care, or other Senior Care needs, A-1 Home Care will find a compatible caregivers similar to Maria Herrera and Yvonne Martinez for you.  Testimonials from our 20 years in the home care industry can attest to the high standard in quality of our service.  So don’t hesitate, if you live in Westwood, Century City, Malibu, Santa Monica, Palos Verdes, Culver City, Studio City, Pacific Palisades, or surrounding cities, call us today!

Our number is 310-657-8780, or visit www.westwoodinhomecare.com to get more details.

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