Stay Safe and Comfortable While Having A Good Time

24 hour care in palos verdes a1 home care

When living with different ailments, even walking can inherit danger for seniors. Since seniors are more prone to fall, even a relaxing walk around a familiar neighborhood can lead to falls and injuries.  However, the risks of injuries should not deter seniors from doing what they love.  As a result, seniors and their loved ones should be alert and be aware of the safety when they are having fun in various activities.  For example, if seniors enjoy doing aquatic aerobic exercises with their peers, make sure they understand the depth of the water, and maybe invest in water shoes that can prevent slipping and falling.  It is also important to remember to stretch before any physical activities.  If an elderly individual is suffering from arthritis, applying heat pads to relax joints can make a big different before starting exercise can bring comfort.  After the exercise, cold packs can be applied to joints if there are swelling and pain.  Chronic diseases should not prevent anyone from certain forms of exercise either.  For instance, those with Alzheimer’s disease can use exercise and social interaction to reduce the risk for wandering behaviors.  There are many activities that can be enjoyable while being safe for seniors, and if they are suffering from some kind of ailments, it is best to consult a doctor about to stay safe while doing so.

Caregivers at A-1 Home Care in Westwood understand the importance of senior safety throughout the day.  No matter if they are relaxing at home, ballroom dancing with their friends, or taking a stroll in the park, our caregivers can provide companion and the expertise to keep your loved ones safe.  With at least 2 years of professional caregiving experience and CPR certification, caregivers like Mateo Relox and Joslyn Du Jour are able to provide customized in home care service to clients in Westwood, Studio City, Century City, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Palos Verdes, Malibu, Redondo Beach, and other surrounding areas.  We are versatile in our care as well, offering customized in home care such as After Surgery Care, Diabetic Care, Alzheimer Care, Arthritis Care, Parkinson Care, Incontinence Care, Multiple Sclerosis Care, Hospice Care,  Kidney Disease Care, Lou Gehrig’s Disease Care, and other Elderly Care assistance services.

For any questions or concerns, please call 310-657-8780 today, or visit to learn more.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook too!

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