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The Origin of Christmas Traditions Explained


Have you ever wondered how did some of our Christmas tradition come from?  A majority of Americans plan to put a Christmas tree up during the holiday season.  But did you know that the tradition dates back to the Middle Ages when the Germans would celebrate the “Feast Day of Adam and Eve”.  Later, Queen Victoria of England married Price Albert, who is a German, and brought over the Christ Tree tradition.  We can’t celebrate Christmas without some caroling as well.  According to USA Today, Historians believe that these began with visits intended for people to take harvest to their lords during feudal times, and it evolves into caroling during the Victorian era.  Lastly, don’t you think eggnog is quit a weird sounding word?  It was actually root from a colonial slang word for rum – grog.  So when was first know as egg-n-grog, then later on became our beloved eggnog.

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Caregiver Service in Westwood


Seniors and elderly may not be as socially active, and chances of depression because of that can increase.  In addition, different ailments such as arthritis, back pain, vision changes, incontinence and other ailments may cause pain both physically and emotionally.  According the American Pain Foundation, there are over 32 million people in the U.S who have pain that last longer than a year, and that 65% of depressed people also have complained about being in pain.  Furthermore, when pain is limiting someone’s independence, the likelihood of being depressed is much higher. So if your mom or dad has chronic pain and depression, seek help from therapist, doctors, caregivers, senior companions, and other professionals.

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